Social Dance Club

at Loyola University Chicago

Welcome to the world of Social Dance

Welcome to Loyola's Social Dance Club. Our mission is to make dancing accessible to all students, whether they’re experienced or not, and to build a dance community at Loyola. As a club we will learn some, teach some, and dance a lot!  We hold lessons and workshops for beginners through advanced levels and will host fun events like practices, dances, socials, and maybe even some community service projects. Additionally, Chicago is a great city for social dancing; there are events everywhere, every night of the week, and we plan to take advantage of this.

Those dances might include, but are not limited to, Ballroom [waltz, tango, & foxtrot], Latin [cha-cha, rumba, & samba], Swing [east coast, jive, & jitterbug], Club Dances [salsa, blues & west coast], and even some group dances [belly dancing]. 

Social Dance Club is formatted so that attendance is informal and members can choose to be as involved as they wish. Lessons will be held 1 to 3 times a week, but by no means is one required to attend all or any of them. At the end of each month, a professional instructor from May I Have This Dance studio will be coming to add some excellence to your dancing. The officers’ only requirement is that you RSVP positively if you’re going to go to these lessons so we can keep track of attendance for funding purposes. 

You should come to one of our lessons or events because we think that dancing is for everyone and that everyone is for dancing.